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5 ways to destress after a long work week

Weekend is coming, you have worked hard and deserve time for yourself to unwind and be present for others around you as well. Here are a few tips to relax that may help you to keep stress within a healthy window.

1. Take a relaxing bath with salts and oils. If you can go to the beach, much better. Negative ions present in the ocean air will replenish your body and boost your immune system.

2. Meditation is the best way to relax your mind and open up space for new ideas and situations. If your mind tends to have flashbacks or vivid scary contents, it might be a better idea to do walking meditation.

3. Read a good book, listen to music, or catch up with your preferred hobby. For some people, gardening can be nurturing. Creative endeavors of all kinds promote mindfulness.

4. Cook a nice meal and invite family and friends over. If you don't cook, you may take the first step, or enjoy your preferred dish.

5. Exercise. As much you feel tired, any type of movement which requires deeper breathing than usual will help you to oxygenate. Remember, oxygen is life.

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